Home Loan

The ownership of a house is one of the key signs of success among the fast-growing Indian middle class. As the income of the average Indian family increases, there has been a continuous increase in the desire to own a house and this has lead to the price of property to reach very high in last few years. This situation has made dream for the common man to purchase their home through just savings. So home buyers have multiple options to seek a home loan from banks as well as NBFCs.
  1. 1. Home Loan
  2. 2. Plot Purchase Loan
  3. 3. House Constuction Loan
  4. 4. Flat Purchase Loan
  5. 5. House Purchase Loan
  6. 6. Balance Transfer/Top-up Loan
  7. 7. Composite/House Constuction Loan
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General Insurance

Personal Loan

Personal loan is to be used for various purposes, like a wedding, remodeling your home, paying for your higher education fees or planning for a holiday, and a personal loan can help you to fulfil all your requirements. As the loan has varied advantages, it caters to the need of every section of individuals. Personal loan can also be availed without collateral, and hence can be availed by salaried individuals. You can find a variety of loan options with the interest rates starting from 10.99% and Loan amount starting from 25k to 25Lacs. We will find the best suitable BANKs/NBFCs offering minimal interest rate best suited for your profile.
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Business Loan

A Business loan is a short term financial instrument exclusively designed for business purpose and advanced to self-employed proprietors as well as entities such as partnerships, private and public limited companies. A Business Loan can be utilized for various business reasons such as to maintain business operations, invest in equipment, set up a new branch and other purposes related to business. Business loans are usually provide based on the business turnover and IT returns filed for 2 or 3 years.
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General Insurance

Mortgage Loan

When it comes to liability, the risks are much higher for a business than for the average citizen. Especially when you are dealing with the public, the risk of a small mistake that results in a big problem is very high. Businesses are therefore protected by liability insurance. When it comes to liability, there are many different types. Most businesses will carry what is known as a general liability policy. This covers a wide range of potential incidents and can prevent the company or its employees from facing a serious financial loss in the event of a lawsuit.
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SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Loans

Small and medium enterprises are critical for the country’s economic and social development. SME is the biggest employment provider next to agriculture. The SME plays a major role in creating jobs and generating income for the low income group. SME fosters economic growth, social stability and contributes to the development of the private sector.
Access to financial services is vital for the SME sector to survive in any economy. SME Loan is offered to fund small and medium sized enterprises. There are various banks in India that work hard to provide SME finance to the small and medium enterprises.
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Mutual Fund

An open-ended fund operated by an investment company which raises money from shareholders and invests in a group of assets, in accordance with a stated set of objectives.
Mutual funds raise money by selling shares of the fund to the public, much like any other type of company can sell stock in itself to the public. Mutual funds then take the money they receive from the sale of their shares (along with any money made from previous investments) and use it to purchase various investment vehicles, such as stocks, bonds and money market instruments. In return for the money they give to the fund when purchasing shares, shareholders receive an equity position in the fund and, in effect, in each of its underlying securities.
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Demat Account

A Demat Account is an account that allows investors to hold their shares in an electronic form. Stocks in Demat account remain in dematerialized form. Dematerialization is the process of converting physical shares into electronic format. A demat account number is required to enable electronic settlements of all the trades. Demat account functions like a bank account, where you hold your money and respective entries are done in bank passbook. In a similar form, securities too are held in electronic form and are debited or credited accordingly. A demat account can be opened with no balance of shares. You can have a zero balance in your account.
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Car Loan

Financing one's car through a Car loan can be happy experience. One needs to analyze key information and customize a loan plan with one's banker or financier for optimum benefits and we at Apna Loan Guru stand beside you to help you buy your dream car while managing finances easily.
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Machinery & Equipment Loans

Any manufacturing or service industry which requires machineries, can take term loans to purchase the machinery. By doing this, the capital expenditure cashflows can be distributed in multiple years, while the benefit of production can be achieved immediately. Other than nationalized and co-operative banks, there are certain NBFCs which has a complete focus on machinery term loans. We have 6 NBFCs which focuses on machinery funding.
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